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My 81 year old mother was sent to Harrington House after a 4 day stay in a hospital. We were told this was a great rehab. Well it isn't. They are very short staffed and family memebers help more often then staff and Dr. Horan was totally useless. After three calls to a Dr. Joseph Horan from Foxboro, MA who never returned any of my calls to find out what was going on with my mother, my sister and I took matters into our own hands. We started the process of finding another rehab as we had to get our mother out of Harrington fast and we were told we couldn't do that and that we had to get a doctors permission and that was not true. Our mother was declining fast and no one there cared at all. The nursing director informed my sister and I that our mother was failing and they wanted to set up a family meeting to discuss what we and they were going to do the following day. Really! If she was declinging like they said why wait another day? Well, you can imagaine hearing that how anyone would feel. I totally lost it. In the mean time they did an x-ray and blood work which came back with elevated white blood cells and a slight case of Phenomena. WE TOLD THEM SHE WAS LEAVING Harrington House and going to Newton Wellesley Hospital. They did not like being told this but did start the paper work to get her transported to NWH. When she arrived at NWH we found out our mother did not have Phenomena. This just proves what we thought all along that Harrington House doesn't know what thel they are doing. Dr. Horan should be ashamed to be called a doctor because in our opinion he isn't.

If offered to go to Harrington *** Hole Rehab please decline. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there and so I hope people read this review on Harrington House and stay far away from it as possible.

Our mother is doing better since leaving Harrington House Rehab. Please anyone thinking of going there DON'T!!!

You do not have to settle to find your loved ones a good rehab. Check them out first before you send family members off to a rehabilitation facility. You will be so glad you did. A surprise visit works best. In the South Shore there are four highly qualified rehabs which I will state below for everyone to check out for themselves. Always look for a SKILLLED facility.

New England Sinai Stoughton, MA

New Bridge on the Charles Dedham, MA

Orchard Grove Canton, MA

Clark House Westwood, MA

It's now been 9 days since we've left Harrington and our mother is 100% on the road to recovery no thanks to Harrington House and Dr. Joseph Horan of Foxboro, MA.

I hope people read this post. Because if we had checked rehabs out before all this happened to our mother and family wouldn't have gone through the nightmare we did.

I hope this post will be helpful to people.

Review about: Rehabilitation Services.

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